When Personal Training Gets Personal, Managing Client Boundaries.

Are clients sharing too much information with you? Are they asking you out on dates, making your appointments and uncomfortable? Are they asking you about your personal life? Are you spending time with your clients in social events? Do you have problems saying “no” to your clients? Do you have a client who talks non-stop through a session telling you about their day? Stop the cycle and start to work well with your clients. Create excellent client relationships with this course. Based on my experience in Personal Training, this course can help anyone working with clients who share personal information. Learn how to easily establish, maintain and if needed, repair boundaries. This course covers the four types of boundaries and what you need to do to manage them with each client. Eliminate problems before they start, from how to build a successful relationship with your clients to handling difficult emotional situations. Topics include attachment, sexual and romantic boundaries, social, medical and health and more. A “best practices” package is included to provide practical information that can be used immediately in any setting. Fitness expert and author Ron Betta offers more than 20 years of fitness experience in this information packed program. Protect your reputation, build your business and thrive with solid client relationships starting today.