Things to expect when you are expecting,

This course is my first online patient educational venture pertaining to my initiative, “Let’s talk woman’s health”, and is associated with health-related tips for natural childbirth. The course “Things to expect when you are expecting,” aims towards promotion of natural childbirth. Recently there has been an alarming rise in the rate of caesarean births, which is associated with several adverse effects for the mother in the long run. To address this health-related issue, I have designed this online educational material, comprising of video lectures embracing nearly 5 video hours. Aiming towards promotion of natural childbirth, this online course covers topics such as cesarean birth versus natural childbirth, garbharhsanskar and preparation for natural childbirth, phsychoprophlactic methods including the Bradley and Lamaze methods, prenatal yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, nutrition and weight control, mental and physical preparation during pregnancy, diverse methods for managing pain relief, preparation during the postpartum period ( period after delivery), breast feeding and level exercises. There are 11 sections, each comprising of 4 lessons, introduction and lessons 1 to 3, each of which deals with how, when and why for each topic.

The course shall take about 3 months to complete and can be started even while you are planning your pregnancy. You need to devote 1-2 hours a week to complete each section. Important information is provided in an easy to understand crisp/ concise manner with help of animation videos, so you don’t have to spend hours going through a lot of information and filtering out only the useful information. All the information Is evidence based, i.e., it is well supported by proper medical research and guidelines. Each section is accompanied by an activity session. By doing this activity you shall be able to apply theoretical knowledge into your daily routine.