The Complete Microsoft Playwright Course with Python, Learn to Create Automation Test Cases from Scratch with Playwright and PyTest.

This course will teach you the fastest emerging automation testing tool Playwright. It is an open-source test automation library initially developed by Microsoft contributors. Microsoft Playwright is a cross-browser automation library for end-to-end testing. The goal of Playwright is to provide a single API to developers and testers to automate their web applications across today’s three major browser engines: Mozilla Firefox and WebKit. It’s easy to set up, feature-packed, and the fastest, most reliable frameworks available.

This course will teach you a unique technique for integration between Playwright and PyTest.

This course will teach you how to use Microsoft Playwright with plenty of examples and individual projects. Playwright provides a Pytest plugin to write end-to-end tests. You will learn how to integrate Playwright with PyTest and Python to generate robust automation tests for your application. Here you will learn by doing.

Teaching Material

Playwright Advantages