The Complete Habits Masterclass, Science of Making New Habits and Breaking Old Habits.

Building sustainable habits are HARD. The good news is, you’re not the problem. Messages from the fitness and nutrition industries lead us to believe that if you just try hard enough and buy their quick fix, you can shed those pounds, gain that muscle, and finally feel good about your body in a matter of weeks. But for those of us that have tried that approach again and again, we know that’s not true.

What’s missing is an understanding of HOW habits work, and how to build ones that last. That’s where this course comes in. I want to cut through the bullshit to help you understand how sustainable habit-building works, and which ones are most important for your long-term health.

In this class, you will learn the best principles and tools for designing better habits and then use them to complete a hands-on project: designing a sustainable daily habit to improve your productivity, creativity, health, or wellbeing.

Deconstruct and understand the Habit Loop, the basic model that governs habit formation

Learn the most effective techniques for strengthening each component of a new habit

What turns behaviors into habits

The three R’s of habit formation: Reminder, Routine, and Reward

How long it takes to incorporate new habits into one’s routine

The importance of intention

How to break down a habit

How to identify triggers

The importance of rewards in developing habits.

Why willpower and commitment are important

Developing a move more mindset

Anchoring new habits in existing routines

Recruiting neural reward mechanisms to make habits sustainable

Tying behavior change to meaningful implementation intentions

Building self-confidence and self-belief using small wins

Using closers to address behavioral loopholes

Modifying your environment to support habit change

A highly condensed overview of the most effective habit change principles and techniques, based on years of research and coaching experience.

Enhanced performance in any area of life depends on systematic, regular practice.

Understanding of science-based techniques for behavior change

Increased time, energy, and willpower from putting productive habits on autopilot