Skills to Sales: Unleashing Niche Profit Potential, Monetize your skills in passive income, side hustles, and much more identifying niche skills you have to maximise profit.


Do you need a passive income stream but do not know where to start?

Do you have skills but do not know how to identify what would be valuable?


In this course I will give you some great ways to identify niche skills that could be valuable to someone else. We will also cover how to convert those skills into a sellable method.

Micro-niche learning is a new trend – people are moving away from broad large courses and want to learn specific niche skills within a topic – to stay on trend you need to identify your niche areas and exploit them for passive income or a side hustle.

In this course we will cover :

Introduction – what am I talking about

How to look for niches on the internet

Researching your product before trying to sell

Coin collecting as a side hustle

Freelancing – using websites to sell your services

E-Books – the jist of how to do it

Using AI Chat GPT to help with some of this


As with all my courses please feel free to contact me with your ideas and I will assist where I can.

I also really value your feedback to and would love if you left some at the end of the course!