Signature Talk Success: Be a Sought After Speaker, Get Accepted, Polish Your Idea, Change The World.


Want to give your Signature talk, spread your solutions, and change the world?

You have probably seen the buzz from friends or colleagues who have given a Signature talk.

But they probably did not take the time to share with you HOW they prepared, or the backstory of their journey.

Knowing the context is so important because it helps us personalize our own strategy.

Speaker, emcee, sponsor, and volunteer Nathan Eckel sure wishes he had the benefit of a course before he spent well over 1000 hours serving as a volunteer, and sponsor, then decided to apply himself – at completely different organizations.

After a dozen attempts he was not only accepted, but was chosen over a 20M bestselling author to CLOSE the event.

Based on his personal experience, and interviews with over 300 presenters, Nathan brings tremendous knowledge and enthusiasm to fledgeling Signature speakers.

There’s absolutely no reason why you cannot give your Signature talk, spread your solutions, and change the world!

You have what it takes – if you apply yourself you can learn the skills – and the confidence – to make this happen.

Nathan has helped hundreds of presenters get on the stage and he can help you, too!

Do you believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world?

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