Side Hustle Foundations, Details About Side Hustle Planning & Doing.

Challenge yourself to do side hustle!
-Think big. Write down what you imagine your side hustle could become. You do not need to have all the answers of how you will get there or have all the money to make it happen right now; you just need to know that you can get there.
– Spend time reviewing your dreams. Spend some time to really take in what you have written down. If any new fear crops up, go back to the list of fears you created earlier, add it on, and then brainstorm the potential actions you can take to counter that fear.

If you currently own or have attempted a side hustle in the past, now is a great time to reflect on your experience and answer the following questions to help you as you work toward creating fresh success in your business:

1. What went well and what did not?

2. What are the key lessons you learned from the business experiences you had?

3. How can you apply them going forward to avoid the mistakes and/or amplify your success in business?

In this course you will learn for how to jump-start your first (or second) side hustle, going over the different types of side hustles, sharing practical tips that can help you select a stellar idea for your new venture, how to execute on your chosen idea, demonstrating how to take your initial concept and move it into a position where you have an offering for customers, how to refine your product and keep your side gig manageable by focusing your energy on the tasks that matter.