Salary Negotiation Simple Secrets, How to get the best salary at a new job WITHOUT using uncomfortable negotiation tactics.

Are you uncomfortable with the idea of negotiating for a higher salary at a new job?

Do you want to make the most money possible but you’re worried about upsetting your new boss?

Are you afraid that if you ask for more money, they’re going to take away the job offer and you really want or need the job?

Are you saying to yourself money isn’t everything BUT you know that more money would be really nice?

I can help you. I’ve spent many years in Human Resources so I know what goes on behind the scenes during interviews. In addition, I’ve trained and coached many people to make more money by saying 4 keywords.

One student got a 15% salary increase and another got an additional $5,000. Both of them were nervous and didn’t know how to negotiate. They used the simple approach in this course and were very happy they did.

I’m the author of Increase Your Income: 7 Rules For Women Who Want to Make More Money At Work and the fiction book on the same topic, A Salary Cinderella Story (Or How To Make More Money Without A Fairy Godmother).

I train men and women how to make more money by following a few simple ideas.

Are you ready to make a higher starting salary at your new job? Then let’s get started.