Python3: From Beginner to Pro, A Comprehensive Study of the Basic (and many advanced) skills required by any Python developer: Web, Data Analysis.

Welcome to the brand new course in Python 3: Beginner to Pro.

When I started creating this course, I had one objective in mind:

“Teach like I wish I had been taught”.

I remember the questions/doubts/hesitations I had when I was learning Python and I have tried very hard to address them in this course. This is why there are many many quizzes and code assignments/problems to solve in this course. No one learns to swim or ride a bicycle by attending lectures on swimming or biking and so it is with coding. You have to write the code, make mistakes, solve those mistakes and repeat. That is the only way to learn.

A strong foundation is necessary for any new endeavor and if it seems that the course is a bit slow in the beginning, it is a deliberate choice to ensure that students have the requisite knowledge to proceed to the more challenging portions.

Student feedback is a very important to me. It allows me to change portions of the course if necessary. Please don’t hesitate to ask pertinent questions and I will answer them ASAP.

Some of the topics:

There are ~80 quiz questions and ~35 programming exercises with the solutions in this course.