Project Delivery Mastery, Learn a simple framework that will help you deliver high quality projects that provide value to the organization.

Projects happen much more frequently at work and are expected to be managed by individual contributors as well as official project managers.

Work is complex and changes faster than ever before. The days of a big waterfall project that can be planned in 1 to 3 months and executed in 1 to 3 years are going away, replaced by more Agile, adaptable projects that come and go as needed depending on external and internal factors for an organization.

This course is for anyone interested that does projects as part of their job that is looking for concepts to help deliver high quality, high velocity projects that deliver value to the organization and meet or exceed expected results.

It is a practical step by step project framework I use based on my experience and learnings throughout my tenure so far.

This is NOT an official project management course, it is based on my learnings and experiences as leading projects throughout my career and is intended as a helpful step by step guide to get you going.

We will go step by step through the framework I use to deliver projects which I hope will help you if you find yourself taking on more projects at work.

My hope is that this course gives you a way to help you deliver value and your organization to achieve success.