On-Page SEO Tutorial | Search Engine Optimization, With our On-Page SEO Tutorial, you will have a solid grasp at Search Engine Optimization processes.

We can define On-Page SEO¬†(Search Engine Optimization) as optimizing pages of a website with the purpose of making it more compatible with search engine algorithms. It is also named as On-Site SEO. By conducting On-Page SEO you can increase organic traffic as well as your website’s ranking on popular search engines such as Google, Yandex, and Bing.

On-Page SEO consists of creating and updating relevant content, optimizing heading structure and image optimization.

These are the key factors for On-Page SEO. It is necessary to understand these criteria that are important for On-Page SEO correct. If you optimize them well, you will see how well your site will rank in search engines. You may also make it easier for people to find you this way.

In fact, there are two basic factors in SEO work for your pages to rank well. These are On-Page and Off-Page SEO optimization. Our focus will be On-Page SEO techniques. For your content to rank better in search engines and get more traffic, you need On-Page SEO optimization

It is important to mention that website speed is one of the most important aspects of On-Page SEO. This is because the speed of a web page is directly related to user experience. However, your website should also be compatible with mobile devices as most of the traffic comes from it. Additionally, it is also important note that speed of a web page may differ in desktop and mobile devices so you should optimize both of them.