Neurofeedback: is it for me? Kickstart your understanding of neurofeedback in an hour.

Have you heard about neurofeedback but you’re not sure how reputable it is or which sources to trust? This is your free crash course on neurofeedback fundamentals, including a breakdown of the science, modalities, and safety.

Whether you’re a practitioner, a parent, or someone who’s interested in how neurofeedback might benefit them personally, this free course will equip you with a firm grasps of neurofeedback fundamentals, so you can make informed choices about possible therapy options.

Despite decades of results and a growing body of scientific evidence supporting its efficacy, the lack of regulation and standardization among practitioners can make it difficult for those new to the field to find their way with confidence. This free course is an ideal starting point to help demystify this technological therapy.

Before you explore neurofeedback for yourself, your family, or your clients, you want to know how it works and what results to expect.

This free course will support you with:

We made this course to alleviate some of your confusion and help you make informed decisions about any possible therapy or for practitioners, any professional development.

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