Mobile Application Development using Android, Mobile Application Development using Android.

This course gives a brief overview of how to develop and run mobile apps using Android Studio. This course will helpful for Anna University Chennai and its affiliated college students from India. There are up to 11 programs described. The first program gives a sample execution of the hello world program demonstration using Android Studio, and how to make apk file which is an android executable file on any devices such as laptops or tablets, etc. The main requirement for running Android Studio is that our system must have a minimum of 8GB RAM support with virtualization enabled as true from the BIOS setup of our system. Due to these requirements, this course gives additional information on how to run apk file online with the help of apk file generated. For every program, the apk file is also added in the resources field so that every user without any interruption can run the corresponding apk file by themselves. A guidance video is added in the course on how to write and run the android app using android studio and also how to run the given apk file using the online emulator. Finally, it is also provided the entire codings for students’ reference. Good luck to all and thanks for enrolling in this course.