Extreme Personal Privacy 1, Personal Privacy Strategies for Extremely Busy People.

Extreme Personal Privacy 1 will show you how to take back control of your privacy and safety. Using clear, concise language and providing step-by-step instructions, this course provides actionable tactics, techniques, and procedures for protecting:

Extreme Personal Privacy 1 draws upon the book Get Lost: Personal Privacy Strategies for Extremely Busy People, written by privacy experts Daniel Farber Huang and Theresa Menders, who teach this course.

There are invisible threats to our privacy that we need to be aware of, such as the marketing firms and data science consultants that seek to shape our buying habits and voting behaviors. Or government agencies exercising broad authority and surveillance abilities on its citizens. Or criminals (both organized and unorganized) that want our personal information to commit credit card fraud or enact other crimes against us. More directly and immediately, extreme personal privacy may be fundamentally necessary to protect lives from abusive former partners, disgruntled employees, stalkers, internet trolls, or any other number of focused and determined threat actors that may seek to do some of us personal harm.

Since you’ve spent the last 60 seconds reading up to this point, we are going to infer that you have been thinking about privacy issues, likely your own but perhaps also that of people whom you care about. Extreme Personal Privacy 1 provides a comprehensive framework to give you significant control over your privacy, what information you choose to share with the outside world, and what information you choose to keep secure and protected. The goal of this course is to provide concise and actionable tactics, techniques, and procedures that you can employ.

We used to distinguish between the online world and the real world but that’s not accurate anymore. There are online threats that are very real to their victims. There is such an overlap and merging of both worlds that in this book we have changed our terminology to the physical world and the online world. Some actions we discuss will protect you in the physical world while others protect you online. Because the line between our physical and digital worlds continues to narrow, it is imperative to take control of both sides.

Also available on Udemy is the follow-on course, Extreme Personal Privacy 2 – Advanced Tactics, which provides detailed strategies and resources to actively defend against specific types of threat actors who may seek to violate your privacy and do you harm. Important topics include: