Every Bite I Ate to Loose 1 KG/Week: High Volume Low Calorie, See a sustained account of which food volumes and which food types, can result in how much weight loss.

After a long period of researching and trying out different methods of weight loss I finally cracked the code. What’s the secret? Make it easy. I realised that the most effective way to make any weight loss diet sustainable and to prevent myself from going off track or reversing progress was to make the diet as easy as possible. To do this I focused on high-volume low-calorie density foods. I found that the most delicious and healthiest way to do this was to focus on low carb plant foods.

My core learning that help me crack the code was to focus on the types of food rather than the amount. In fact, I’m not only did not limit the volume and amount of food I ate but I actually made a point of aiming to increase the volume of food I ate. My reason for this was that eating high volumes of the right foods decreases the likelihood that one feels the need to eat foods on does not want to eat, makes it easiest to stick to the diet sustainably and improves the life experience on hairs while making progress towards weight loss.

Furthermore, I learned the importance of focusing on the habit rather than the number on the scale.