Energy Engineering _ V, Power Plant Engineering / Gas Turbine Power Plant.

The said Course is a part of Subject Energy Engineering for BE (Mechanical) Students and Third Year students in some universities, also beneficial to Diploma (Mech) students. In this course Unit-4 part-B Gas Turbine Power Plant is explained in detail with help of 6 video Lectures and resource files. Actually there are two more lectures on Gas Turbine plant but due to time constraint it will be added in next course.

Gas turbine Power plant topic / syllabus is very vast and vital also. The course topics are hence trimmed to fit in the time slot. The course comprises of

1. Introduction and Importance of Gas Turbine Power Plant

2. Gas turbine types, components, types, merits and Demerits.

3. Ideal and Actual Brayton Cycle

4. Thermal Efficiency of Gas Power Plant

5. Some Derivations related to Gas Turbine Power Plant

6. Numericals on Gas Turbine Power Plant

The Course is explained as per syllabus and keeping in mind the questions and numericals to be asked in the examinations. Exam Questions are explained in Lect no.8 and will be discussed in next course.

So watch the video lectures / resource files to get confidence in the topic and to score nicely. Thanks for watching and Best of Luck. One request to you all to provide feed back and reviews after completion of the course. Any Suggestion are welcome always.