Database Management System Class 10 I.T.

In this course, we will learn:

1. What is the meaning of Data?  What is the meaning of Information? What is the difference between Data and Information?

2. What is meant by Database?

3. Databases can be classified into two types. What are those types? Discuss. or

What is a Flat file database and a Relational Database?

4. What is DBMS? What are the features of DBMS?   What is the difference between DBMS and Flat File?

5. DBMS is used for various business activities. Give examples. Or

What are the applications of DBMS?

6. What are the various advantages of database or DBMS?

7. What is the meaning of data redundancy?

8. What is meant by data consistency?

9. What are the various disadvantages of DBMS?

10. What are the various components of DBMS?

11. What is the meaning of database servers?

12. What is meant by RDBMS?

13. What are the advantages of Relational Database?

14. What is the meaning of i) Item ii) Record iii) field iv) value

15. What are the key features of a database?

16. What is meant by DML, SQL, and DDL?

17. What is the meaning of Primary Key and Foreign Key?

18. What is the meaning of Composite Primary Key?

and much more…