Data Analysis And Business Intelligence With Microsoft Excel, Use Power Query, Power Pivot, DAX, & Excel’s data visualization tools to build powerful Business Intelligence solutions.

The first thing you need to know about this course, is that this is NOT your granddad’s Excel.

Instead of the same old spreadsheet stuff, we’ll do a deep dive on a truly revolutionary set of tools that empower you to do industrial-strength Business Intelligence: the art and science of transforming data – usually massive amounts of it – into meaningful, actionable insights.

In the past, doing “real” BI meant using expensive enterprise software that only a select few people would have access to anyway. But with what you’ll learn in this course, you’ll be building robust Business Intelligence solutions in no time, using nothing more than an Excel spreadsheet on your desktop.

And in each section, I use hands-on demos, practical examples, and intuitive, common-sense explanations to teach you these concepts in a way that will help you see the connection between your new skills and the problems you’re trying to solve on the job.

But just as importantly, I’ve packed the course with TONS of exercises – ranging from straightforward to challenging – that will help you retain, and even build on, what you’ve learned.

So if you want to master these game-changing tools and build professional-grade Business Intelligence solutions right on your desktop, all you need is Microsoft Excel – and this course – to do it. I look forward to seeing you there!