Creating a Text Adventure in Unity Using Scriptable Objects, Learn Unity scriptable objects from a 40 year programming veteran creating the Castle Buttercup text adventure.

All software and resources used in this course are free.

In this course, you will learn from an instructor with 40 years application development experience the advantages of using scriptable objects to manage game data over traditional coding. You will create a short, humorous text adventure called Castle Buttercup first using traditional coding to manage game data and again using scriptable objects to do the same thing much more quickly and easily. No unity or programming experience needed. All you need to do is follow what the instructor does. This is what you will learn in the course.

– How to download, install and configure Unity and Visual Studio for C#

– How to use the different panes in the Unity editor

– How to create a canvas

– How to create a panel

– How to create Text Mesh Pro objects

– How to create a simple user interface for a text adventure

– How to assign objects to public variables

– How to create a text adventure using traditional coding only

– How to create a text adventure using scriptable objects

– How to create and assign scripts to objects

– How to create and populate scriptable objects

– How to add a scriptable object to a project in the Unity editor

– How to create scriptable objects within scriptable objects

– How to investigate and resolve errors

– How to test the application throughout the development process

– How to build the application into a stand alone, executable program