Coding Basics 2023: Gentle Intro to Computer Programming, Learn to code and start your career in programming. Build your Dev Career and increase your opportunities in the future!

Hi, welcome to the Coding Basics 2023: Gentle Intro to Computer Programming Course.

Why this course?

Learning to code provides you with a lot of opportunities, jobs and ways to make money, as the software industry is a vast field that has no boundaries.

Also, in today’s job market, employers are constantly looking for employees with coding skills.

And if you want to work as a freelancer who has his time and earns a lot of money, then the software field gives you many opportunities to achieve this and with a very high income.
Since programming is a highly valued skill right now, many companies are willing to outsource the work.
This means that skilled programmers and developers have the ability to create their own schedules.

There are many advantages that you will get if you learn to code, including:

If you want to get started in this field and learn coding from scratch, this course is for you and will help you take the first step towards success in this field.

In this course, you will learn to practice programming with confidence and logical thinking. You will also learn the basics of programming that are common in different programming languages and how to apply them to perform various tasks.

So, what are you waiting for, let’s get started.