Budgeting Basics, The Basics to help you manage your finances.

If you often fail to keep track of where all your money is going, then this course is perfect for you. The TrainingBunny Budgeting Basics course seeks to address the very fundamentals when it comes to managing your money in a fresh and simplistic way. This course is meant for beginners, meaning that there is no need to have experience in finance but only experience in living.

Essentially budgeting helps you separate your wants from your needs. Being able to differentiate between our wants and needs is what allows  us to  prioritise our daily, weekly or monthly expenses . In addition, the TrainingBunny Budgeting basics course also covers the topic of bad spending habits and makes a strong case as to why you should begin your budgeting journey as soon as possible!

Furthermore, the TrainingBunny Budgeting basics course provides you with the necessary resources that will  enable you to create your own budget, your own income tracker and expense tracker. To be able to do this, one first needs to understand the importance of a budget and how income and expenses relate to creating your budget. In addition to the above mentioned topics, the benefits of saving as well as the causes and dangers of debt will also be explored.