An introduction to Asset Classes (Equity, Bonds, FX…), Learn in a short period of time the differences between stocks, bonds and the other asset classes.

Welcome to my new Udemy course dedicated to introducing the different Asset Classes.

I am Baptiste B., and for several years now, I have been working in the field of market finance in London. I have also been advising students, or people looking to get into trading for a long time, and one of the questions that comes up most often is: what are the specific characteristics of a given asset class? This course has a clear objective: to answer this question, and to present the different asset classes, their specificities, and to give examples to illustrate my point.

The course is divided into 5 parts, with a quiz between each part to test your knowledge. The 5 parts are:

This course is aimed at beginners, you will only need a basic knowledge of market finance, and a simple calculator. As this course is targeted for beginners, it will not go into complex considerations, but if I see that certain subjects are of particular interest to my community, I may take a look into this and upload other trainings.

Happy learning,

Baptiste B