AI4ALL: Basics in Convolutional Neural Network, Basics, and Foundation of Convolutional Neural Networks.

This course is created to follow up with the AI4ALL initiatives. The course presents coding materials at a pre-college level and introduces a fundamental pipeline for a neural network model. The course is designed for first-time learners and the audience who only want to get a taste of a machine learning project but are still uncertain whether this is the career path. We will not bore you with the unnecessary component and we will directly take you through a list of topics that are fundamental for industry practitioners and researchers to design their customized neural network models.

This instructor team is led by Ivy League graduate students and we have had 3+ years of coaching high school students. We have seen all the ups and downs. Moreover, we want to share these roadblocks with you. This course is designed for beginner students at the pre-college level who just want to have a quick taste of what AI is about and efficiently build a quick Github package to showcase some technical skills. We have other longer courses for more advanced students. However, we welcome anybody to take this course!

For full series of machine learning and deep learning topics, please view our other more in-depth courses at WYN Associates Education.