A colored pencil drawing course of a tree without leaves-ART, An illustration course of drawing and sketching a tree without leaves in colored pencil from a scratch.

Welcome to my mini course “Draw a tree without leaves in colored pencils”. My goal in this course is to feel fun in working with colored pencils, to show its capabilities and ability in drawing trees, based on a simplified and easy technique, so I divided the course into four steps or sections. The first step “Step 1: Basic Sketch” is concerned with drawing the basic sketch of the tree, where I drew the basic structure (trunk and thick branches), then I moved to the second step “Step 2: Soft Details”, which is the simple and soft details of the tree, which is concerned with drawing the small branches that grow from the thick branches of the tree until i reached a reasonable and balanced stage of the general shape for the tree. Then I moved to the third step “Step 3: Hard Details”, which is concerned with the important and hard details of the tree and the branches, such as the meanders in the branches, and the plants that are at the bottom around the trunk in the ground. And finaly the last step “Step 4: Final Details” is the fourth and final, which is concerned with the effect of lighting and shadows on the trunk and the thick and thin branches. With mentioning the common mistakes during the drawing process. In order to be a help for those who care and interact with drawing this kind of trees with colored pencils.

I wish you to enjoy watching my course.